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Bętt ķ albśm: 20.9.2006


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Dear lovely Unnur:) My name is Christian, I am 22 years old and I lives in Katowice(POLAND)...i know that you are slepping in my sad but lovely city.I want go to your Mopopol hotel but i was very sick:(For me you are always will be the most beautiful women on the world:) I love you since year and I will love you for ma rest of life:)I dream about meeting with you:)

zygyfy (IP-tala skrįš) 1.10.2006 kl. 14:15

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Takk fyrir įriš Unnur Birna, alltaf gaman og forvitnilegt aš lesa bloggiš žitt. Žś stóšst žig frįbęrlega sem ungfrś heimur. Góša framtķš!

Sigrķšur Stefįnsdóttir (IP-tala skrįš) 1.10.2006 kl. 21:34

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It is Unnur Birna's blog not a fan-blog :)

Gušfinna Żr (IP-tala skrįš) 18.10.2006 kl. 17:15

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Hmmm.What can I say.I'm not the only one who fell in love with Unnur but undoubtedly one of few that had an unbelieveable chance to meet her.I'm also from Poland.In 2006,when Miss World 2006 took place in Poland,Unnur visited my high school in Gdynia.I will never forget this day when I got to know that Unnur was in my school while I was ill and I couldn't get out of my house :( .Why such things befall,I'm asking?

I must say that when Miss World 2005 started it's tv broadcast I discerned Unnur among other misses and only She caught my eye.Wow,that is unforgettable feeling that I felt only then,never before.How astonished was I when it turned out that Unnur became Miss World 2005...Neither I can speak your language nor I can find your e-mail address :( .Sorry to write OffTopic.Could I get any reply from you?Is there any chance for your greatest fan?I wish I could see you live.My e-mail


to_mashek (IP-tala skrįš) 23.5.2007 kl. 12:29

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